RICA Russian Paella

Recipe by: Ponatshego from The Food Love Makers

Serves: 4


3 x RICA smoked Russians thickly sliced  

3x RICA cheese grillers thickly sliced

3x Rashers of RICA bacon chopped

3 cups Cooked rice

1 Green pepper chopped

1 Yellow pepper chopped

1 Red pepper

1 Red chilli chopped

1 Onion chopped

4x Medium eggs




Olive oil


  1. On high heat fry your bacon, Russians and cheesegrillers in a pan with olive oil then set aside.
  2. In the same pan using all the oil from the meats fry your onions, pepper and chilli until soft.
  3. Add your cooked rice to the fried mixture with a spoonful of turmeric. Fry until the rice is coated and has changed colour.
  4. Add in your bacon, Russians and cheesegrillers and fry for a few more minutes on medium heat, making sure you don’t burn your rice.
  5. In another pan, fry your eggs sunny side up with olive oil. Your eggs must be fried according to your preference from soft to well-done.
  6.  Plate the rice in a bowls and top each bowl with a fried egg and enjoy immediately.