Serves 4


Loaf of bread

Spicy Atchaar

Fresh slap chips

4 x RICA Polony slices

4x RICA Smoked Russians fried

4x Cheese slices

4x Beef burger patties fried to your preference

Tomato sauce

Chilli Sauce



  1. Cut your loaf of bread in half then cut the half on half again. You will end up with 4 equal sizes of bread.
  2. Hollow out the bread leaving the crust as your shell to place ingredients. Do not throw away the soft inside of the bread.
  3. Scoop in a generous amount of atchaar at the base of your bread and spread evenly.
  4. Layer your cheese and Polony slices (one slice of each per kota)
  5. Add a generous amount of fresh hot slap chips.
  6. Put our patty on top of the chips.
  7. Cut your Russian in half making it flat and place on top of the patty.
  8. Drizzle generous amounts of Tomato sauce, Chilli sauce and mustard on top.
  9. Take the soft inside of your bread that you scooped out and use it to create a lid for your kota.
  10. Plate and serve