Rica Meats Competition
Rica Meats Competition

Tell us how this #lovestory will end…

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During the month of love, we will take you on a romantic rollercoaster ride that will reveal how Gary, (the Garlic Polony) and Fiona (the French Polony) find true love! 

💔  Will they stay together?  

💍  Will they get married?  

🤤  Will they get eaten?  

Only time will tell… 

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1. Watch all the videos, and read Fiona and Gary’s love story below so you can guess how their romantic fairy tale will end.

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Fiona and Gary: A match made in polony heaven

When Fiona and Gary first met, it was love at first sight. Fiona could tell that they ended up in the same fridge for a reason, so she made the first move. Fiona was the most beautiful French polony that Gary had ever seen, so he asked for her number. They parted ways and retreated to their respective refrigerator compartments for the night, both dreaming about their future first date.

One week later, Gary finally plucked up the courage to ask Fiona on a date. With a stomach full of butterflies, he dialled her number. Fiona was so excited, she almost dropped her phone! She quickly agreed to meet Gary at one of her favourite restaurants.

After two months of dating, Fiona and Gary were closer than ever. They loved to go dancing at their favourite club, take romantic strolls, and go on picnics whenever a lazy Sunday afternoon would call for it. At this moment in time, they couldn’t be any happier!

After six months of dating, Gary took Fiona to a new restaurant. Gary knew it was soon, but he had been meaning to ask Fiona an important question. He was just waiting for the right time. Unfortunately, their date was short-lived. The chef had a certain hunger in his eyes that made Gary uneasy. After polony was served at a nearby table, Fiona and Gary quickly found the exit and made their way home. Gary’s question would have to wait… 

Ten months into their relationship, Gary had organised the perfect date. Stars twinkled in the sky as he professed his love to Fiona. Fiona curled up under Gary’s arm and told him how happy she was and that she couldn’t imagine sharing this moment with anyone else.

Gary took Fiona’s hands, cleared his throat, and finally plucked up the courage to ask her that important question…

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